Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator

Our commitment to equal opportunity

To provide equal employment, 为所有员工提供晋升和学习的机会, 盖特威大学的就业和学生录取决定将以成绩为基础, qualifications and abilities. Gateway does not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, 根据年龄申请入学的学生或申请人, ancestry, arrest and conviction record, color, creed, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, 参加任何预备役部队, union affiliation, national origin, parental status, pregnancy, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status (including disabled veteran; recently separated veteran; active-duty, wartime, or campaign badge veteran; and armed forces service medal veteran), 视点表达式或任何其他受保护的类别下适用的本地, state or federal law, 包括保护那些反对歧视或参与校园或平等就业机会委员会或其他人权机构的任何解决程序的人. View your employment rights under federal law and state law.

Reporting discrimination

任何人都可以在白天或晚上提出第九条或其他民权申诉, by phone or email as indicated below.

对于那些心怀不满或认为自己因受保护阶层而受到歧视的人, you can file a complaint using this online report. Gateway将调查指控,而不考虑当事人或证人的法律地位,也不会向移民当局报告移民身份.

To report sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, as well as any other form of discrimination, 你可以在本页完成报告,或者联系Josh Vollendorf, Director of Compliance/Title IX, ADA, and Clery Coordinator, at compliance@mosttwitterfollowers.net, 262-564-3062, Racine Campus, Lake Building, L101.

Serving those with disabilities

盖特威技术学院致力于为所有人提供平等的机会. 为所有服务提供合理的安排, programs, activities, education, and employment for individuals with disabilities. Gateway的504/ADA协调员是合规总监Josh Vollendorf,电话:262-564-3062.


Requesting disability accommodations  

To request a disability accommodation, 请至少提前三天与平等机会和公民权利办公室联系,电话:262-564-3062/Wisconsin Relay 711或 compliance@mosttwitterfollowers.net. Gateway学生应联系举办活动的校园内的残疾支持服务中心,请求住宿,电话:262-564-2683(埃尔克霍恩/伯灵顿), 262-564-2006 (Kenosha/Horizon/Lakeview), 262-564-2103 (Racine/iMet).

Gateway还将提供适当的辅助帮助和服务, 包括合格的手语翻译和辅助听力设备, 在必要时确保与有听力的人进行有效的沟通, sight, 或语言障碍,除非这样做会导致其项目的根本改变或不当的行政或财政负担. 学生:需要住宿或辅助援助或服务来参加大学课程的学生, service, or activity, should contact Lisa Sadowski at sadowskil@mosttwitterfollowers.net, 262-564-2564, or video phone at 262-456-5378. 如需美国手语(ASL)翻译服务,请联系 aslinterpreterrequest@mosttwitterfollowers.net.

Removing the barrier for those with disabilities

捷威致力于创造一个无障碍的大学环境. 我们积极采取措施,为残疾人消除障碍. To report a barrier (physical, academic, etc.), please let us know by filing a report 或致电262-564-3062与平等机会和公民权利办公室联系 compliance@mosttwitterfollowers.net.

Commitment to Equity/Affirmative Action

Gateway is committed to making sure females, minorities, veterans, and those with disabilities have an equal opportunity to employment and education This is accomplished through; by taking affirmative actions to reach these populations of applicants and students so that they are aware of employment and educational opportunities at Gateway. In addition, the plan assures that our selection, promotion, and termination policies practices, and procedures are fair and unbiased. The Office for Equal Opportunity, working with other key departments, is responsible for affirmative action planning. 该学院的平权行动官员是合规总监Josh Vollendorf,电话:262-564-3062.

Gateway's Commitment to Affirmative Action

任何关于平权行动计划的投诉都可以在内部向平等机会和公民权利办公室提交,使用本页上的联系信息,或者在外部向威斯康星州行政部门提交,地址为101 E. Wilson St., Madison, Wisconsin 53702.

Language Access at Gateway

Gateway提供有意义的大学课程, 为非英语人士提供的服务和活动, specifically Spanish. 免费提供翻译服务,包括美国手语. Gateway's Language Access Plan 概述了学院为英语水平有限的个人创造包容性环境的努力.

Title IX and Civil Rights training

学生们被鼓励完成我们的第九条和民权培训. 完成培训的学员将获得价值20美元的礼品卡(详见课程)。. View instructions on how to enroll.